Delivery prices with Standard Parcel Delivery:

Prices in the webshop contains the cost of packaging, but delivery costs are excluded. Delivery costs are charged separately depending on the Zone of the delivery country.

Typical delivery rates per Zone Category:

  Delivery price Free shipping above order value
Zone 1 ( HR, SK, RO ) 20 EUR 1200 EUR
Zone 2 (AT, CZ, SI, DE ) 25 EUR 1200 EUR
Zone 3 ( rest of Europe ) 27 EUR 1200 EUR
Zone 4 ( FR, IT ) 35 EUR 1200 EUR
Zone 5 ( ES, GR, LI, PT ) 50 EUR 1200 EUR
Zone 6 (BA, SRB, UA )* 85 EUR -
Zone 7 ( CY, MT ) 88 EUR -

Please note that actual rates may slightly differ from the amount indicated above. 

* Additional cost of custom clearance may apply. Please note that delivery is on Incoterms 2015 - DAP, import custom clearance is the responsibility of the customer.

We guarantee that we check every time which provider is the cheapest for the actual order. 

Delivery times: 

Delivery time: 

For stock items: 3-10 workdays depending on the location

For new collections: 30-60 workdays depending on the location and the manufacturer’s shipping time

For out of stock items: >30 working days

Special delivery: 

If you order above 500 EUR from out of stock items/manufacturer we accomplish the order faster than the general delivery time. 

Typical delivery times of international orders are within 5 - 10 days depending on product availability.

Delivery Service providers: GLS Group  DPD GROUP

Payment options:

Currently we can accept international wire payments only. Other payment methods are coming soon...